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Be Fair, Be Honest

As one of my favorite Youtubers sWooZie says: "Concentrate on solutions, not on problems." COSNOP! You know when you think you're doing the right thing by someone, but in actuality you're doing the wrong thing by someone, and you don't realize it until it's too late, or there's been an insurmountable amount of damage done … Continue reading Be Fair, Be Honest

Call Me When You Get This ❤️

It's that day, the day some of us so look forward to, the day some of us dread (for various reasons)...the infamous: ♥Valentine's Day♥   I don't have any ill feelings towards Valentine's Day. I think it's a wonderful day! I always get overly emotional reading the love stories and what not. I have a … Continue reading Call Me When You Get This ❤️

A blogger and A Gamer, What It’s Really Like.


I love being home, I grew into it though because I wasn’t like this as a teenager at all. Before being home felt like punishment, and my mom would always tell me that one day I’d enjoy being “bored”. It’s not even that now I enjoy being bored, it’s just that after a long day I just enjoy the peacefulness of being at home where everything is in order. It’s just a vibe at my house. The wines flowing, blunts burning, and the RnB is always playing. But then I forgot to mention the clicking. img_0429

I live with a gamer. Now, I mean if you’ve ever done this before you’d know that this is like having your mans best friend living in your living room…forever. There’s always cords and gadgets everywhere, remotes and controllers under my butt when I sit, but it’s funny though because it’s actually pretty entertaining…

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