Website Design/Creation

Website Design/Creation:

*Note: If you do not already have your own domain and hosting service, you will have to purchase those services (separately from my own) to make your website live. WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, and many other hosting services have fairly reasonable prices.

Template (WordPress, Wix, etc.): $30/hr

Unique Design: Base & Hourly Fees: $50 for the first hour, $20/hr for every hour after.

Please provide the following information to create your website:

  • Type and Name of Website (what the site’s purpose is)
  • Number of Top Level Pages (The links you see at the top of my site). A good number to start with is 3-4, but you can have as many as you prefer.
    • Please include number of child or sub-pages, and what Top Level Pages they fall under if applicable.
  • Information to go on each designated page (this includes images, videos and links)
  • Social Media Links (if applicable)
  • Contact Information
  • Color Scheme
  • Any specific fonts that you want included.
    • Using more than two fonts can make your website cluttered and visually unappealing, so wisely choose for compatibility.

Phone/Tablet Website Version Add-Ons: $30 each

  • This option only applies to Unique Design

Website Updates: $20 per update request

Website Makeover: $75

To send in material for your website, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Place text & links (with descriptions), and other information about color schemes, etc. in a Word or Pages Document
  2. Place necessary images and videos in a labeled folder that is the title of your project
  3. Create and place both items into a zipped folder and email to
    • PC Users: To create a zipped folder, right click on the folder that has both items in it > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder
    • Mac Users: Same process, right click on the folder containing all necessary materials, and select “Compress Items”

To request website design/creation services, fill out the form below:


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