AncaLogy is, at base, a Graphic Design company that mainly assists those individuals needing somewhere to start with branding, logos, etc., when embarking upon their own endeavors.
The name was born from Bianca’s nephew’s adorable mispronunciation of her first name. At the time, he could only say “Anca.” Since it was such an endearing term for her, she decided that her business title would be “AncaLogy,” which translates to “The Study of Bianca.”
The Study of Bianca is a comprehensive and harmlessly eccentric compilation of factors that make Bianca the woman she is today. The facets of this compilation range from her travel experiences, family & friend experiences, relationship experiences and more. 
When it’s all said and done:
AncaLogy exists to provide support and encouragement in the pursuit of your dreams, through prayer, laughter, hard-work and dedication.