Random Thoughts

Have you ever just been sitting, laying or standing around not really doing anything, and the most completely random, hilarious and bizarre thought just pops into your head? Then you’re just there deliberating on the possibilities of this thought happening, or the chances of success if you were actually able to pull whatever it is off. LOL.

So. One morning, as I was laying in bed before getting up and getting ready for work, I started thinking to myself:

Okay. Say you’re in a skyscraper, and it’s on fire. Or maybe even in a plane and it’s heading towards the ground because an engine blew (okay these aren’t necessarily funny situations but, you get my point). Instead of just jumping out the window of the building or staying on the plane until it collides with the ground…what if you had a parachute. That was several bed sheets. It’s rigged in a way where it’s set up so that it behaves like an actual parachute. WHAT IF WE ALL JUST KEPT BED SHEETS WITH US FOR SITUATIONS LIKE THIS. 

There’s many reasons why this wouldn’t work, people, and seemingly enough, someone had the same thought as me, I discovered, once I googled the question: “can you use a bed sheet as a parachute?”

The similar question posed was: If you jumped off a skyscraper while using a sheet, like a bed sheet, as a parachute, should you survive?



So, there you have it. We, obviously, cannot use bed sheets as parachutes. Dangit. But maybe one day!

Don’t you just love random thoughts?

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