I decided to type up some of my pet peeves. Slight change of pace. Why? No real reason, but these are on my mind almost all of the time and they irk my soul when I encounter them. I hope some of them make you laugh, because even though I’m slightly serious, I was laughing the whole time I typed this up.

PET PEEVE #1: People responding to only one part of a text

Um. Hello? I know you’re not illiterate, especially if we’ve been having a decent conversation this whole time. Are you reading too fast or something? Is part of the message encrypted and I wasn’t aware? Are you only just answering the parts you deem worthy enough of a response? Come on people. ADDRESS THE WHOLE MESSAGE. Otherwise, the message would’ve only included that one part you decided to respond to. You know…I notice that a lot of guys do this.

PET PEEVE #2: Choosing the neighboring bathroom stall

Okay. This one right here, OH MY goodtness. Not goodness. G o o d t n e s s. I absolutely cannot STAND when I’m chilling in the bathroom handling my business, there’s 20 other stalls, I’m probably at the second to last stall in the bathroom, almost completely shut off from society…AND SOMEONE DECIDES TO USE THE ONE RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Seriously? You bypassed ALL of those stalls, for why? Are you trying to mask your odor, the demonic funk you’re about to release, by using the stall next to me? Some nerve. Here’s a tip: courtesy flush.

PET PEEVE #3: Unnecessary yelling

You know when you’re trying to have a calm, cool and collected conversation with someone, you press some kind of nerve of theirs, and then they just explode? They literally just go from 0 to 5000 and begin firing off their yelling canon, not even giving you a chance to speak anymore. OR, if you’re just chilling peacefully watching t.v. or sleeping, and someone enters the room, yelling for absolutely NO reason. It’s like, okay, we know you’re here now, please close your frontal mouth hole and cease creating a disturbance in my ear.

PET PEEVE #4: My Generation

Yes. The generation I belong to annoys the absolute crap out of me, for more reasons than one. Need an example real quick? Just go check any one of your social media platforms (don’t get me wrong, we’re still pretty cool though).

PET PEEVE #5: Answering a completely different question than the one that was asked

I really wonder if people even listen to what I’m saying sometimes. I asked a specific question. I even showed you exactly what I was asking about. I didn’t ask about the temperature in Antarctica. My question had nothing to do with weather in any way shape or form (that didn’t actually happen, but you get my point).

PET PEEVE #6: When you’re trying to decide on something, but people aren’t focused

Did we really just sit here and have a whole meeting, about one whole issue, and spend the whole time talking about something completely unrelated to this whole issue? Then you want to have a meeting again next week? What are we going to have, a meeting about a meeting? OR: When you’re trying to decide on somewhere to go have fun and people keep saying “it doesn’t matter to me.” [insert dolphin sounds from Spongebob here] IF SOMEONE DOESN’T CHOOSE A PLACE IN THE NEXT 5 SECONDS…I’m going home and going to sleep. I don’t have time for the indecisiveness.

PET PEEVE #7: Posting subliminal messages online

Ljfdoknajfdojaf. YO! Stop the madness! PLEASE. Grow up! Stop being petty. Especially if you’re 17 and older. I understand that the maturity may or may not be present at the age of 17, but anything beyond that…go sit down somewhere. Siéntate! Instead of posting subliminally about whoever or whatever…go handle your issues! Especially if you’re claiming you’re grown! Doing this is one of the most childish and immature things one could do. Seriously, grow up.

I could go on for a while, but I’ll stop at numero siete. Listen, I tell you. I don’t hate people, or dislike people…I just despise the things some of y’all do. DETEST. I don’t know why you do them, but you do, and there’s nothing I can do about it. So there’s no point in getting angry, right? Right.

(will probably continue to get a little angry)

Y’all pray for me, LOL.


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2 thoughts on “7 PET PEEVES

  1. LOL this is funny. I can relate to all of these, I hate when people choose a neighboring stall in the bathroom too! It’s like when people sit right next to you at he movies when there’s 100 other empty seats like whaa?! And I have no time for unnecessary yelling, I just don’t deal with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girrlllllll. It drives me crazy! Especially the yelling bit, when that happens, I just stop talking altogether and try to walk away if possible. My nerves can’t take it 😂

      And YES, in the movie theater too, I can’t stand it!

      Liked by 1 person

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