Sex is for the Birds…

Until I get married that is!

But, it’s something people talk about on a consistent basis. There’s not a day that goes by where someone isn’t talking about it. As if that’s all people think about. Soon as I open Twitter, if it’s not the first thing I see, I guarantee it’ll be the next tweet on my timeline. Why are people so obsessed with sex, and having it?


You’re probably sitting there reading this like “Oh, she’s probably never had sex before.”

YOU DANG RIGHT. I’m a virgin, and proud to be one.

Now, I’m not speaking ill about anyone who has had sex or is currently active as we speak, that’s their prerogative, their life, do you boo boo. However, I made a personal decision to not have sex until I am absolutely sure that whatever guy I am in a relationship with is 100% serious about me, a.k.a. we are MARRIED.

No, it’s not some religious thing. I made this decision because 1) there are less headaches, 2) I’m not trying to catch the pregnant yet, and 3) I’m DEFINITELY not trying to catch a STD that some of y’all are passing around out here because you’re not being responsible and GETTING YOURSELF CHECKED…nor admitting that you have something to your sexual partner at the moment…you nasties. Condoms don’t catch everything people!


Also, I always get this question: “What if when you get married, the sex isn’t good?” AS IF THAT’S THE SOLE REASON I’LL MARRY A GUY. Being able to have sex…make pure, genuine love with the love of your life? Honey, that’s a perk. A BLESSING. A blessing I only want to share with only one person. If the love making isn’t all that great at first, he better buckle up because we are going to get better together and LEARN. Like I believe we are supposed to.


Again, sex is for the birds (until I get married). I absolutely refuse to give my body to any guy unless they have gotten down on one knee and then given me their last name. I REFUSE.

Call me crazy, but this is my resolve.

Now, do I think about what it’s like? Of course I do. There’s no shame in that. I am human. I ask my friends tons of questions because I am curious to know. It’s actually quite fun and interesting to hear them talk about their experiences. However, just because I am curious, doesn’t mean I am going to act on it.

If you’re out there, waiting until you get married too (girls and guys alike), you got this. No one can put pressure on you to do anything if you don’t allow them to.


But…if you’re out here wildin’ out 😂, best of luck to you, I pray you don’t catch anything, and BE SAFE. There’s too many things going around out here to not be, you dig? Educate yourself and others and ADVOCATE GETTING TESTED REGULARLY. There’s no shame in being in charge of your sexual health.

in a box


Happy Holidays 🙂 LOL.

5 thoughts on “Sex is for the Birds…

  1. A long time ago, in a land far far away a person stood up and spoke to the people that surrounded her.

    That person spoke about the wonderful places you could find over the ocean. The abundance of food. The wonderful weather. The safety you can only find by walking through a park at night unmolested.

    That person made her points heard. Emphases placed throughout her story, like capital letters on a blog.

    Many were energised by that speech. Many sailed across the ocean to the place of happiness and abundance.

    Many died. Many starved. A very few came back.

    Those that did approached that person and asked her why it was not as she had made it out to be.

    Her Reply? “Oh I do not know. I have never been there. It was just what I heard”

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      1. Missed this response sorry:

        What I implied is that one should exercise extreme caution on having a view (and a strong one at that) when one is not in possession of all the facts.

        Equating sex with marriage is then saying that sex is a currency as opposed to an expression.
        And using sex as a currency has a rather interesting connotation.

        Not judging you at all: You have a right to your opinion. What I am saying is gather all the facts.

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      2. Oh okay, I gotcha! I see what you mean. If I was equating it to marriage, that wasn’t my intention. I was just stating my personal opinion and what I’ve decided to do, but I COMPLETELY agree with and understand where you’re coming from. I hope your New Year started off great!


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