The Nasty Roommate | #JusticeForJazzy

Okay, I’m sure a lot of us have heard a lot about what happened to this young lady at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. If you haven’t, continue to read on.

I just have to say that I am absolutely appalled by what this girl, Brianna Brochu, did to Chennel Rowe. It was completely unwarranted and DISGUSTING. It makes me upset that hate crimes like this continue to happen in our country. It makes me upset that people think they can just do whatever and get away with it. It makes me upset that a young woman in college would behave in such a way and disrespect another woman like this.

So basically, Brianna was putting moldy food in Chennel’s products, spitting in her coconut oil, shoving Chennel’s toothbrush up her own butt, RUBBING USED TAMPONS ON HER BACKPACK (now see, if she had some kind of disease that could be transferred through blood, this could’ve been super serious), and a lot more. Here’s a link to the video of Chennel explaining everything that happened to her:

The Situation

What’s more…THIS CHILD WENT ON INSTAGRAM AND BRAGGED ABOUT IT…like she wasn’t going to get caught. This whole thing was just dumb, sick and idiotic, and you can’t say it wasn’t.

How can anyone do this and not have a problem or any sense of what the consequences would be? As far as I know, she’s been expelled and charged with multiple crimes. This female was poisoning Chennel, not only with rotten and moldy food, but also with her own body epithelials, substances, whatever you want to call it! She could have killed this girl. I thank God that that did not happen. Ugh, it’s just so gross to even think about it! If I was her, I’d just burn everything. Gotta throw the whole room away now.

I really want to know what made her think that this was okay. Situations like these just continue to shed a light on what hasn’t stopped and appears to be escalating in this country. I can’t stand it.

Jazzy is a good one, and she handled the situation very well.

Y’all. We are out here fighting negative, and harmful mentalities. It’s so difficult to change someone’s mentality, especially if it’s been ingrained in them since they could start understanding what things mean in this world. As difficult as it may be, it’s not impossible.

Listen, if you encounter someone with a mentality like this, don’t just sit there and be quiet, challenge it, because it’s not right.

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