The Artist Bloc | WCOM

I have been meaning to get on here and post about this, and now I finally am getting around to it.

I just want to say. The Artist Bloc is such an awesome place, and I really do plan on frequenting it a lot more and continuing to perform there in front of others. However, I want to speak on an event that was hosted there a month ago.

I believe every month they have an event called Women’s Circle Open Mic, hosted by @birdnefertiti, where only women, can come and perform to their heart’s content in a safe place. You can get feedback on what to improve on, etc. However the most important things you get from coming to one of these events is: overwhelming love, encouragement and support from a group of totally wonderful, powerful and inspiring women.

While it is men by invitation only (and they clearly state that you guys will be notified when that invitation opens):

See, LOL.

once they are allowed to come, they’ll be able to see just exactly why we come back around feeling so refreshed and energized. I mean, you can literally talk about or perform anything here (within reason I believe), and there’s no judgment! I brought my mom with me for moral support since it was my first time performing on my guitar and singing in front of complete and total strangers. I actually started crying because I messed up a chord (my mom got all of it on video, which you can view below LOL).

But listen y’all. Let me tell y’all. The minute I stopped playing (as you saw in the video if you watched it), everybody in the room immediately began cheering me on to keep going and that I was doing great. It was surreal! Because there I was sitting on a chair in the middle of the circle, shaking, heart beating all fast, voice shaky, tears running down my face and falling on my guitar while thinking to myself why did I even try to do this. Their cheers instantly reminded me why. I’m pretty sure God was probably like “Girl, if you don’t pick that guitar up and start playing again, over here tripping for no reason! YOU ARE ROCKING IT!”

So, with my wet face, fingers and tear-filled voice…I started playing again and finished playing.

I just have to say, I didn’t know ANY of those women, except for a few that I recognized from another event that they hosted, BUT. They were phenomenal. All of the performances were FANTASTIC!! Even the ones that didn’t perform, you could feel their energy within the room, it was saturated.

It’s happening again today at 7:00 pm if you’re in town and want to drop by. Admission is $5, and once again…men by invitation only (they’ll let you know when that invitation opens).

1020 W. Gate City Blvd., Greensboro, NC 27403

God Bless!

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