Food that Can’t Touch (Plus Another Odd Question)

Okay, okay, okay.

Can somebody PLEASE explain to me…why there are people in this world who cannot eat their food, if a type of food on their plate touches another type of food on a respective plate. I mean…it’s all going to the same place, the good ol’ estomago. (I researched and found that they have this thing called a Food Cubby. I’ve seen it all!)

I’m not criticizing or judging, I honestly have always wondered about this. How do you guys eat at Thanksgiving (or any other holiday that you may celebrate that has the potential to incorporate tons of delicious foods)? Or how do you go through a buffet line where people are serving you, do you have to tell them about this or do you just not deal with buffet lines?

Now, I’ll admit, I don’t like when the green bean juice gets soaked in by the bread roll on my plate. That’s high key gross (but I still eat it LOL).

I also have another question. What’s wrong with coleslaw? I can eat coleslaw (if it’s made right!) and chili together by themselves, it’s like the best thing ever. A lot of people that I’ve met just don’t seem to like it..please explain!

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