Fall is my first favorite season, followed closely by Winter! I love the beautiful colors that this season produces. Driving down the highway and just being mesmerized by the myriad of unique colors on the changing trees is always such a treat.

On College Ave., one of the main streets in the middle of UNCG’s campus, the colors that appear there are absolutely breathtaking. The only thing I don’t like too much is that it seems like the colors don’t last long before the leaves take their leave (slaps knee) from the branches to which they were attached.

Another thing I love the most about Fall (and Winter) is waking up to that crisp, cool air first thing in the morning when you step outside to see how cold it is haha. Just breathing that air in, gosh, there’s no feeling like it.

I also love the sweaters, layering of clothes, Charlie Brown stuff, and so so so much more! Everyone is getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving (and even Christmas). Also along with Fall returns those special seasonal flavors and scents at some of my favorite places to shop and eat. I absolutely love this season!

Hopefully this year it’ll be cold enough during the day to really enjoy it…LOL.

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