Her Heart’s Desire

She really wants to cuddle.

She wants to be held in a warm, and loving embrace.

She wants to be told she’s beautiful (even though she already knows she is).

She wants to have numerous nap dates because her and her love both enjoy to relax that much.

She wants to talk about random things and be highly imaginative, and not get judged for it.

She wants to laugh for hours and be genuinely goofy with her love for no absolute reason.

She wants to be mad with her love if he’s mad about something (even if she may think it’s pointless to be mad).

She wants to just be in the company of of her love for no reason at all except for the fact that she simply just wants to be in his presence.

She wants to kiss and be kissed over and over again.

She wants to smile out of pure joy when she looks at him. Not because he’s her sole source of happiness, but because he’s happy and full of joy too. Seeing that gives her energy.

She wants to play video games for hours with her love just because they can and will feel no guilt about doing it.

She wants to go on late night adventures just for the heck of it.

She wants to have meme wars.

She wants her love to understand that her silence in his presence doesn’t mean something is wrong, but in fact everything is so right.

She wants to cruise with the windows down with R&B blasting and just be fully immersed in the moment and enjoying life with him.

She wants to sing and play on her guitar for him.

It doesn’t just stop here, she could go on and on…

But most importantly, she wants to be able to pray with and for him and lift him up. Be there for him as much as she can, when life allows her to.

She wants to love God with him, have a heart on fire for God with him, knowing that God’s got them no matter what happens.

She wants to be in pure, genuine love.

A feeling so liberating and so strong…

One thought on “Her Heart’s Desire

  1. I love the “A High Key Mushy Female Moment” piece. From a male hopeless romantic perspective, it makes me feel peace. The type of peace you don’t usually feel in today’s society. In my opinion, that’s truly what it feels like to be in love. It almost feels out of this world. Thank you for bringing this into words.


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