Fed Up

I have been sitting around watching the news, reading various articles, doing some research, etc. on the state of affairs in America and around the world a lot more lately. This most recent incident that happened in Charlottesville is of course one of the biggest events that has the attention of many at this moment. Now, that’s a whole other animal that I don’t want to wrestle with right now because I would be talking on it all day.

HOWEVER. Most of us can agree that what happened there is a result of the White Supremacy in this country getting upset that POC have finally had enough of the BS once again. POC are continuing to show it more and more with each passing day. WS, they’re so mad! It’s honestly making me laugh. They’re throwing tantrums like children, resorting to unnecessary violence because the change in this country has been re-ignited and expedited by people getting fed up from the fact that racism, social injustice and inequality is trying to win (although it never will and never has) because certain groups of people think they can get away with saying and doing whatever because of who is in office and the current administration. ☕️

A lot of those people who’ve grown tired of the mess come from my generation, the infamous Millennials who apparently are “lazy and don’t want to do anything if it’s not going to show instantaneous results”. Look here, if you make us mad enough, things will start to pop off (as seen in recent news coverage). We are TIED (not tired, TIED) of the foolishness. Because we are an entirely different crop of people, nobody can expect us to sit back and just let things slide anymore. You come for us, we will come for you. Plain and simple. We aren’t going to continue to let things just happen. If we do…what’s our future going to look like? We are going to have to deal with the repercussions of whatever the heck is going on in this country. I observe it more and more each day. We have literally had enough.

Nap time is over for us, and we have a whole lot of pent up energy just waiting to explode.

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