Are you playing games with each other?

‪In my opinion: If you’re in a long distance relationship and if one or both of y’all begin to let it occur mainly through text…y’all need to do 1 of 2 things.‬
‪1. Stop playing games and make an honest effort of calling each other or planning to see each other through FT, Skype whatever if you really are committed to making it last.‬ Also, plan out when you two will actually go and see each other in person, and then actually keep your word and DO IT. (If you’re able to)

‪2. Let that mess go, because I’m convinced you two don’t really care for the relationship anymore. At this point, you’re wasting each other’s time. ‬

‪Who in their right mind would allow that to continue anyway? Continuous non-verbal communication can lead to a whole disaster the minute someone takes something the wrong way. ‬

‪Pick. Up. The. Phone. Dial their number. Press call. It’s not hard.‬

‪Oh, oh and then, if you get on the phone, don’t sit there in complete silence! Talk through the issue(s) if it/they exist(s). No, it’s not a pleasant time, it’s not supposed to be! But you’re supposed to be working through the mess to get to a pleasant time with your SO. ‬
‪People like to give up so easily lately! ‬
‪On the whole complete other hand though: if you’ve tried all of the above and things still don’t change:‬
‪No hard feelings, split with the person, wish them the best, and KEEP IT MOVING. There’s too many people on this earth to get caught up with one who just doesn’t want to act right.‬

‪Pray this prayer to God: If he (or she) is meant for me, bring them closer to me, but God if they are not, allow us to separate from one another without any hard feelings or regret.‬

‪Disclaimer: You must be prepared for whatever God causes to happen. It could very well be a “No.”‬
‪If a man wants you, he’ll continuously show it.‬

‪If a woman wants you, she’ll continuously show it. ‬

‪There will be no second guessing, overthinking, feelings of animosity, sadness, NADA. And God will show you whether or not they’re meant for you. If you’re choosing to ignore those CLEAR AS DAY signs, shoot. I don’t know what to tell you, you’re grown, do what you want. But like Erykah Badu said, when you finally get tired, you’ll walk away. ‬

‪I just pray that you have enough strength to keep going and not give up on the chance that someone is out there waiting for you, ready to give you everything you’ve been searching for in someone and THEN some (we all know God likes to show up and show out when He blesses us!!). Someone who will love you the way your heart will know for sure it’s true. Someone who will never give up on you, despite the circumstances of life. Someone who will pray for you, just, yeah, all that. They may not come when you want them, but just have faith…‬

These type of relationships take the most amount of work to maintain. If you’re not up for the challenge, or even if you used to be but no longer are, don’t keep someone in a spot of uncertainty and confusion. Be kind, respectful and let them go. Please.

Oh and this is for my ladies: Sis, if you know he’s in town/coming to, and he doesn’t even mention or try to meet up with you, even if it’s for 5 minutes…or even if he comes to town and then leaves without your knowledge…? SIS. I’m not saying anything else ☕️

Let me get off my soapbox.

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