Sometimes You Just Can’t Deal

Why do we put up with things or people? I suppose it’s because we care about them a lot and don’t want to just say “whatever” and walk away. Who knows. There are just some things you absolutely cannot deal with, and you have to throw that “whatever” out and keep it moving. Why? Because, the more you stress about it, the more you’re shortchanging yourself. You’re robbing yourself of peace and happiness by allowing that stress to infiltrate your mind. 

With that being said, one thing I absolutely just cannot deal with is the fact that people have a tendency to go to everyone else but the person they need to talk to when they have a problem with that person. Why involve other people in a situation that has nothing to do with them? I get trying to get advice on various problems, but if you’re trying to figure something out, you’re most likely only going to work/figure things out with the person the issue resides with. I would like to add though, someone may not always want to work things out and you cannot force anyone to do it. If this happens, just keep it moving. Forgive if you have to so you can possible reconcile in the future. If they don’t want to work things out, keep what happened between you and whoever it involves. Be respectful!

Another thing, is how people can harbor ill-feelings with someone and don’t say anything until things reach a head. Then everyone spontaneously combusts into a mountain of (unnecessary) emotions. It could’ve been avoided. Just T A L K. 

Another thing, when you’re trying to work things out with someone, don’t yell at them. How can you have a civilized conversation with respect on both sides if you’re yelling at the other person or people? I don’t know about y’all, but that’s the kind of stuff that will make me shut down and tune out. I am no longer a part of the conversation if someone is going to yell. 

These are just some of the things I just can’t deal with. What’re some of yours? Drop them in the comments below while I drop this keyboard. 

Anca out.

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