C o m m u n i c a t e

A big problem plaguing the millennial generation is…you guessed it. The ability to effectively communicate with others. I struggle with it myself sometimes.

It’s just so easy to keep to ourselves and not feel obligated to tell anyone what’s going on with us. Even in our various friendships, relationships, acquaintanceships, etc.-ships, we just don’t communicate well. Why is it this way? We have all heard that technology is the problem. We have our various devices shoved in our faces most times consistently throughout the day.

However, it’s not that we cannot effectively communicate at all, it’s the face to face communication that a lot of us struggle with. It is too easy to sit behind a screen and say whatever we need or want to say to someone. Soon as it comes to looking that person straight in their face and making that good ol’ unwavering eye contact, things begin to get awkward and tricky.

One of my friends told me that the average person cannot keep eye contact with another person for more than four seconds. Matter of fact, my friend suggested we test this out. Sure enough, as I was looking at him and the third second was approaching, I quickly looked away and started laughing! It could’ve been because the situation was forced, or because this is my best friend and he is just hilarious anyway, I don’t know. I decided to test this out with others. I mean I even struggled to look my ex straight in his face for more than four seconds when I would speak to him (and he’s a pretty fine thing to look at, sheesh. I digress). You would think I’m supposed to be able to look him in his eyes for extended periods of time!


I digressed a lot. Anyway. Because of this inability to look each other in our eyes and take the time to sit down and actually have a meaningful, understanding conversation… a lot of assumptions and incorrect conclusions are made. Which causes unnecessary conflict.

Stop texting what you know needs to be said to someone else. Texting is meant to send quick messages, not full out discussions about the matters of life. There’s nothing like hearing someone’s voice anyway. Even better, hop on a video chat when you can to get as close as you can to combining and interpreting all verbal and non-verbal communication so you can understand better whoever you’re interacting with (and vice-versa).

There is NO RULE that says every conversation you have with someone needs to be held over text. Get away from that mindset millennials! There’s nothing wrong with calling. The worst thing someone can do is just not answer (or say they don’t feel like talking). If they tell you that, sis (or bro) keep it moving fam.

Let me get off my soapbox.

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